Iris Janssen



In her work, Iris Janssen explores time experience, the collective and individual memory and identity. Janssen tries to visualise a contradiction by creating a fixed image of time while showing the process of time. Something is lost and something arises.

Iris Janssens work consists of photographic images that are made with or without a (self made) camera. In these images the non-material is captured, such as a long period of time.

“In this age of speed and distractions, we want to capture and hold as much as possible, but there is a beauty in things that decay, because new things will happen next. I’m trying to experience and capture this struggle.”

Iris Janssen also works as a communications officer in a volatile world, which has an important role in her personal interest for time. The thoughts of Henri Bergson on time, the work of Marcel Proust and the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi are important sources of inspiration.


Bachelor of Fine Art (BEAR), ArtEZ Hogeschool van de Kunsten Arnhem, 2016
Bachelor of Communication, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, 2011


Iris Janssen won the 3rd prize with her work Light Writings at the Foederer Talent Awards 2016. Read the press release here.


Landelijk Atelierweekend / Gebouw H40 Arnhem 
Arnhem, 04.11 – 05.11.2017

Dutch Design Week – ‘Stretch’ / Talent Spot
Eindhoven, 21.10 – 29.10.2017

Ateliers B53
Elektrum, Arnhem, 15.04 – 17.04.2017

There Are Places I Remember
Rotterdam Photo
, Rotterdam, 09.02 – 12.02.2017

Foederer Talent Awards (3rd prize) / GLOW
Philips Light Application Center, Eindhoven, 12.11 – 19.11.2016

Vergankelijkheid van het licht
Dijkmagazijn Winssen, 04.09 – 25.09.2016

ArtEZ (BEAR) Fine Art Finals
Oude Kraan 26, 29.06 – 03.07.2016

Living With Art
ArtEZ project with Edward Clydesdale Thomson
Rijnkade Arnhem, 22.04.2015

Ecstatic Naturalism
ArtEZ project with Mischa de Ridder
Former library building Arnhem, 17.06.2014


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